Owner Contact Service introduces "QuickFind Tags"!
Many parents spend hundreds of dollars on items kids take to school. Unfortunately, kids often lose these items on school grounds, and due to the lack of any identification markings, school personnel have no way of determining to which students the items belong. Starting this year, schools across the country will begin using the NEW "Owner Contact Service", designed to help schools quickly determine the owners and return lost items to their students. Items such as cell phones, backpacks, ipods, ipads, tablets, jackets, lunch boxes, keys (key tag sample) and other items, can now be returned using "Quickfind Tags" which can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone to contact parents instantly by phone or email. Parents can also be contacted by entering the tag code into the online search engine. After downloading any FREE QR Code Reader App to your smartphone, SCAN the sample "Quickfind Tag" below to see how quickly you can be contacted when your child's lost item has been found!
Tag YOUR child's stuff and avoid the loss of costly items!
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Scan "Quickfind Tag" with your smartphone
To install a QR Code Reader App on your smartphone, using your phone's browser, go to
Clothing Buttons also available for jackets, sweaters and other items.
  Service also includes toll free Live Operator Assistance!
Stick-on Quickfind Tag

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